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Remedinet Technologies is a leading provider of software solutions focused on healthcare information exchange and authentication. Remedinet Technologies owns and operates, India’s leading Payer-Provider Network, which today services over 200 Providers and 8 Payers. Nearly 8% of the cashless claims volume in India annually is routed through for preauthorisation. host the Electronic Preauthorization Manager (EPM), Electronic Claims Manager (ECM) and Electronic Discharge Manager (EDM) which enables Providers and Payers to use an electronic data interchange (EDI) technology to exchange information electronically to manage the entire cashless claims process. also hosts a much awarded state health insurance scheme as well as several community based health schemes.

Remedinet Technologies has also developed Remediware – a suite of applications for Payers, which can be deployed by insurers, community health/micro-insurance service providers and government run health schemes in India and abroad.

Remedinet Technologies had its origins in 2006, founded as HealthSprint Networks, exploring the opportunity in the healthcare insurance space. The company forayed into software technology, and developed a web-based platform to transact preauthorisations electronically between Providers and Payers, and also a complete software suite for insurers as well as other Payers to manage community and government health schemes.The company attracted venture investment in 2011.

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Indian healthcare insurance is witnessing a period of phenomenal growth and development. Cashless health insurance schemes have witnessed remarkable adoption across sectors, including at the grass root level. To ensure profitability and efficiency of operations, it is crucial for hospitals, insurance companies and TPAs to maintain complete accuracy and a quick turnaround time during the entire claim settlement process. However, all the participants in the health insurance sector still rely on manual processes for gathering information and maintaining records. From the pre-authorization stage to the closing of the loop at the claim settlement stage, information is collected manually, transmitted manually or electronically (but not electronically readable) and then converted to physical copies at various steps. This dependency on outdated methods of data capturing is detrimental to the overall efficiency of the claim settlement process as it increases inaccuracies and makes the process cumbersome for all involved.

Remedinet was conceptualized as a platform to provide technology solutions for overcoming the limitations of the current claim settlement process. We facilitate capturing and exchanging of relevant data for the claim settlement process electronically and which is structured and electronically readable. By providing tailor made solutions for the payers and the payees, Remedinet brings them at the same platform and simplifies the claim adjudication and settlement process. The solutions provided by Remedinet eliminate inaccuracies and make it easier to monitor the progress of the claim adjudication and settlement process. We also provide the administrators with all relevant information for making key decisions on one dashboard. Due to our simple solution for facilitating exchange of information between payer and payee, Remedinet has been a key technology partner in implementation of various government health insurance schemes and in ensuring their success.

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Remedinet technology makes it possible to shift this entire process of capturing, transmitting and storing the requisite data electronically through the stages of pre-authorization, pre-discharge and claim submission. The electronic transmission of data between payers and payees reduces the turn-around time, eliminates inaccuracies and enhances profitability. Adoption of Remedinet solutions enables all involved in the claim settlement process to enhance productivity.

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